Friday, April 5, 2013

The Artist of Avoidance

Just go here and you'll read everything you need to know.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Auction Booster

I figured I'd try posting this on here and letting others know about it since AB said they wouldn't really be able to post it since I'd be third party in the whole situation. But I've come across a situation lately that started on one of Jailbird's "your character here" auctions. It first caught my attention when I noticed it was reposted for some reason. Originally the description on it stated something along the lines of, "This auction has been reposted and restarted due to someone boosting bids. Incidentally Priestreven is no longer allowed to bid." I would have screen shot it, but I was originally viewing it on my phone and when I got home from work it was changed. Here is the repost of the auction on FA and as a warning it is NSFW:

They have also put a journal up a little while ago before all of this stating about how it's fun to run up auctions and in the comments he starts that if he wins the auction he just doesn't answer back:

They also state in their FA profile that, "I am addicted to running up auctions."

I'm guessing it has happened with other people, but I haven't seen it myself. As I said I felt others should be aware of this in case he decides to jump into one of their auctions and the same thing happens. That and hopefully this can be spread around as well so if they happen to jump into someone else's auction they can immediately shut them down before it causes too many problems.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Long overdue update

Which I wanted to make this as quick and to the point as possible. For starters our little stalker still won't learn his lesson and got into even more trouble. Including more jail time on it and still not paying the other guy back for wrecking his car into his house. Along with his "fiance" seems to be getting tired of his games to a degree. But he still seems too stupid to actually do anything about it.

The other would be Allan's whole, "I'm not going to be causing anymore drama or crap and will be making amends with people! =D" Which all that summed up to was him making up with Sciggles and Dragoneer and what is that? Because he knows he can possibly get something out of it. Because with how he is he always wants everyone to know when he does something so he can get attention for it. And those have been the only two people he's "made up with." Because hell I've even contacted him several times after I saw that little journal and even once last June and he still hasn't made any attempt to settle things with me or anyone else I know of that have had problems with. He's even pushed away certain people AGAIN because they didn't like what he was doing so he mostly just cut them off. Along with only about a month or so after he posted that whole journal on drama and not posting anything on it anymore he posts a journal about how someone was saying mean things about him on DA. He of course took the thing down not long after and he surprisingly listened to Sciggles on it. Either way I got the screen shot of it as usual.

The only other real thing is that despite saying as usual on how they're going to fix FA and make it better and all of that crap they still haven't. It's still the same crappy site. Again mostly in part because of the admins he appoints. Which I found out an interesting little tidbit. Which is that he has made Sciggles an admin and hasn't even announced it to anymore. She's not even posted on the admins page. Which none of that surprises me at all. Because I've been waiting for him to do something like that and it just proves again what kind of person he is and why the site is in the state that it's in. Because if she starts doing anything bad at all he of course won't do anything at all against her.

But yeah I know I haven't been updating this as often anymore mostly because I haven't been able to get myself to site down long enough to actually type anything out. In part because I know anything I usually try to post is a small story. So that's why I was trying to keep this as short as I could. ^^; So hopefully I'll be able to keep this a bit more updated now. Though either way I may not have as much to post as I had before, but we will see with how things tend to go.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Updates on the Stupid

Mostly just trying to do a quick update on here and on a few things that have been going on as of late.

For starters everyone's favorite idiot wolf is still at at. He will continuously say that he's over and doesn't care about being banned from FA and yet he still talks about it constantly and it's usually all over his twitter. Along with he still tries to make himself look completely innocent, which I'm guessing most people don't know about the hate art that he still gets of mostly Dragoneer. Though one thing I'm not supporting Dragoneer, I think he's an idiot myself. It's mostly just the fact that he's doing it. Which for those of you that think that I should try forgiving him or whatever I've actually tried that and it didn't amount to anything. I sent him an offline message on one of my accounts asking if we could possibly just talk or something and try working some things out. I sent that to him about a month and a half ago now I believe and never heard anything back. Which I know he doesn't really want to make peace. All he really wants is just attention and for people to kiss his ass. That's why he's "trying" to joke around and made up a journal to get people to draw his character more as a "meat wolf" which in my opinion just makes him look like even more of an idiot. But either way he's just a pathetic person. I'm usually not one to think I'm better than anyone else, but this is one of those exceptions. He's almost 40 and he has such a sad life and has nothing to show for it. Other then all of the crappy furry art, mostly weird and creepy porn, that he gets on a daily basis and he's just generally a waste of space. But I know nothing will completely stop with him until he just completely goes away.

Then there's the subject of my stalker idiot. As far as updates on that I was oddly watch and unwatched by his "fiance" a little while ago now. So I sent him a note on why and I ended up noting back and forth with him a little bit. Well that ended up going nowhere. The guy won't listen at all and is a complete idiot. No matter what I told him he would just ignore it or not believe it. Though after he kept telling me I just need to be more forgiving, like him. Because he forgave and still talks to his ex that actually broke his arm. Yeah after I heard that I realized just how much of a lost cause he was. I even showed him this an email that Cy send a friend of mine and he even wouldn't believe that. And the reasoning for that was because "he doesn't trust the person the email sent it to so it's fake" even though it has Cy's email on it and it's the email he uses. Though after throwing more truth at him he just stopped noting me, which is probably for the better.

Also Cy thought it was a good idea to come to my meet in July. Even after he was repeatedly told he is not welcome and don't show up. Along with Wonder will be there and has a PFA against him. Well the idiot showed up anyways because someone somehow got his name confused and invited him, though either way he shouldn't have showed up, but he's too stupid for that. So he showed up and a short which before me, Wonder and some others arrived and as soon as we saw him we had Wonder call the cops. Unsurprisingly it caused a bit of an uproar and some issues with some of the people that were there. But in the end the cop made him leave. He was all pissed and such about being made to leave and on how he had to use all that gas to get there. Well my response would be tough shit. You knew what would happen and yet you showed up anyways so it's your own fault. Though we had to hold our breath at this last meet as well. A "fur" named Conner has been shouting on Cy's page and asked if he was coming to the September meet. Then Conner signed up his "neighbor" Kyle on our signup sheet. Well that really didn't sit well because Cy is blocked from the site and can't sign up himself and Kyle is Cy's real name. Though either way he didn't show up the the Kyle guy had a "family issue" or something like that, which at the same time Kyle came back from Ohio with his "fiance" so that makes me think even more that it was him. So I'll have to wait and see if anything else happens.

The last little bit is his next court dates. Which the first one was last week actually and it was for him wrecking someone's car, Lightpaws. Well surprisingly he actually showed up dressed up and was halfway trying to take is seriously. Though either way he was stupid about it and tried to give lightpaws a low balled offer. There was $3,000 worth of damage done and he tried to offer him $50 a month for a total of $750. Which of course Lightpaws denied it. So at the end of the month, the 25th, will be the actual court date and I hope Cy gets himself horribly screwed over because he deserves it. Lightpaws also has that email of mine and has been entered into evidence. So that'll be interesting when that actually comes up. Along with Wonder finally got something back and there's a court date set up for the 2nd next month for them to go back. Because of all of the times that Cy has broken his PFA in one way shape or form. Which he ended up having about four pages worth. So hopefully something in that will hold him accountable. Right now it's mostly just a waiting game to see what happens. But I hope something actually happens because he needs to somehow learn that he can't just keep getting away with things like he does and keep screwing people over like he does.

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's been a while again

It seems like there's just been more and more time in between posts on here anymore. ^^; In part because I'm just being lazy about it, but also because I just havn't had much of an urge to write anything. That and there really hasn't been all that much to update on. Along with anything that has hasn't really been too surprising.

The first one is really not surprising. And that would be that Allan is still up to his old shit. He's still spending probably all the money he's receiving from the government mostly on commissions and other crap and trying to milk it as long as he can. But eventually it'll dry up and he's be screwed over again and he'll be back to begging for money. Because it's much easier to actually do that than to get a job. That and he's still getting commissions from artists to make fun of dragoneer. Even though he's "changed". Yeah and I'm the president. He's also doing the ballsy thing of going to AC again this year. Which I hope it causes as many problems as it did during Fur Fright. But either way there will still be the idiots that support him. Which usually those people are just as bad as him or just plain stupid and they don't care/want to see everything he does. But everything has a way of catching up to you eventually and sooner or later he'll get what's coming to him.

As far as anything that the big idiot of FA has been up to he went and proposed at FAU at the closing ceremonies awwwww....>.> Yeah I love how everyone's all caught up in that and are so happy for them and crap. Again if you have half a brain you'd realize that he mainly did it for the attention of everyone there. Because it's his "big con" that he more than likely put so close to AC because he wants to beat it out. But of course that's not going to happen.

That last big is more or less a short update on my "stalker". He's mostly been up to his usual stunts as of late. Saying that he's going to be good, trying to say he's sorry, screwing over more people. But as you know things have a way of catching up to people and eventually it's all going to come crashing down. Either way from what I've heard he's a lot more miserable and looking more and more like shit than he lets on. But of course he's not going to tell the truth no that would mean that he's been wrong and that the other people have been telling the truth all along. It's better for some people to continue to play their games than to actually own up and admit when they are wrong. I honestly still think though that he thinks people are as stupid and oblivious to some of the things as he thinks, but people like me are not. Not everyone is as foolish and blind to what he does as some of his "friends" and his "fiance" is.

As far as any random crap that's been going on that idiot crux that spazzed out on me over my stalker decided he wanted to try starting something with me again. I find it funny though that someone that had such an issue with me pointing out someone that should be avoided would not have issues with some of the other drama he's come in contact with. Because I've seen him comment on other journals similar to mine, but are from people that are obviously drama whores. I have a feeling there's something more to it than him just not liking me putting up those journals, but it's probably just me over thinking. I just find it funny still either way that when I confront him with a very logical question. Such as, "what was the point of trying to contact me to try and start something up again?" and not getting an answer in return because there was no point. But oh well. Some people again just can't learn.

Either way I'll try to update this a little more often. Though it may be easier to just update it like this since I'll have a little more to actually type up. Either way I don't plan on deleting this page anytime soon and will probably keep it up for a good while.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Updates are fun

Yeah I know I've been more or less ignoring my blog as of late. Either I've been too busy with other things or just haven't been able to get myself to sit down for long enough to type something out. ^^; So this is going to end up being a multi subject one.

First off is something I've been meaning to type up for a while and that was that huge hacking issue that FA had. Something like that isn't something to be taken lightly in any account. Especially when you have a site full of users that rely on you. But I knew the whole situation wouldn't be resolved properly. When it came down to it instead of posting a journal on FA about the whole situation, so that all users could reply to it, he posted a small link at the top of FA for a few days to livejournal. So regardless I figured it was worth a shot myself and ask him a few questions about everything. Though of course that didn't go anywhere. This was my comment towards him and his halfassed response.

Basically ignoring some of my comments and halfassing the other like I said. More than likely because he doesn't actually have a good response for it. That and after a while he just stopped answering questions in general. Along with just pushing it to the side and covering it up like most people figured would happen. Then a good while after all of that and that whole Zaush issue came up a drawing pops up from Zaush. That was supposedly a gift for Dragoneer and Sciggles. My guess it's because of that whole issue and how Dragoneer more or less supported Zaush in it, but I'm not sure.

The other odd thing was how all these admins supposedly resigned on their own not long after all of this had happened. I honestly think there's a lot more to it than that or what has been said. However I don't know any specifics on it myself. It just seemed really odd. Especially with Pinkuh resigning when everyone knew how much she loved having power on FA.

But we'll see what happens now. Because I know more and more people are becoming unhappy with the site. I'd leave myself, but there arn't any other sites where I'd be able to find everyone I know on them. So I'm more or less stuck.

The second and third part here is something of old news. First is about the issues I've had with Cyrsynik. This thing has been going on for months now and flares up every once in a while. Nothing new has really happened with me as of late, except for him trying to spread more lies about me, him admitting to being into beastiality on FA, nothing being done about it and Dragoneer actually trying to turn it around on one of my friends.

Though I had something interesting happen. I had someone contact me recently that I knew was friends at one point with Cy so I figured I was going to get another headache. However it turns out he's been burned by Cy as well. So we talked a bit and found out he even had to call the cops as well on Cy because he wouldn't quit it with him either. I'm not going to go into detail on all of it, but it's just sad that people don't realize this guy is bad new. Though it's mostly because he's that good at lying. Only difference is he has no way of really backing it up. That's probably why I got his yesterday on Yahoo.
It's probably because he's getting tired of trying to lie to everyone about everything that's been happening. The one thing I find funny is apparently all the furs in PA now hate him. It's really not surprising with how he tends to treat and act with people at times. Along with there's plenty of people in the other states he's lived in that feel the same way towards him.

But either way it's all going to come crashing down on him. And by the sounds of what's happening lately it's starting. Because I heard from my friend Wonder, who works at the same place as him, that they are looking into the threat that Cy made towards certain people that fly on Delta and US airlines. That and he's send me two offline messages now on Yahoo with his alternate account. And by the sounds of it everything's finally starting to sink in with him that it's all serious. Especially since he's trying to patch things up now and such. Here's the screenshots of those.
Right now I'm just trying to figure out where to take this. Because I'm not going to be nice about it.

Lastly is the subject of Allan. Sadly he's more or less continuing his old crap. Ever since he got banned from WYS he's done a complete 180. Most of it is going back and getting as many commissions as possible and badmouthing basically everyone that doesn't support him. Especially people like me, Silver and Syn. Though I think I always rubbed him the wrong way because I never gave into him and tried becoming his friend. I basically always told him that I will still feel the way I feel unless I see a complete change and no relapses.

But he's also gone around saying how he's going to Anthrocon again and fuck everyone else. So I hope plenty of people, including myself, tell him off again this year if they see him lurking around.

That and it's kind of sad and funny on how he posted a journal on his Inkbunny account basically looking for asspats because it's been two years since he got banned from FA. But oh no he doesn't care about FA anymore or getting back on there. Yet he's kept track of the exact date that he was originally banned from there. Yeah you are so full of shit. Along with it's sad that you're going and bragging that you donated money to IB and Sofury. More than likely doing it so he can brag to people more and make it look like he's a "good guy." However if you go around doing that sort of thing it basically means the opposite. But again he'll get what's coming to him in the end. One way or another.

But either way I'm just kind of sitting back and seeing what happens with all of this. As of now I've made a more permanent account on Sofurry since FA is crapping out so much now and is basically killing itself.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Problem with Authority Figures

This is an issue I've had for a long while now. That and I've been meaning to write something up on it. With me it's never been one of those rebellious things. Where I don't want to follow orders or whatever. With me I've always had my own reasons or whatever why I've just never really liked those types of people and they've given me plenty of reasons as to why I feel the way I do.

I know with me it started in school with the principles or even some of the teachers. Some of you know that I had issues while I was in school and I was one of the type that got picked on a good deal. So of course I fought back and that usually meant hitting them to try and get the point across to not screw with me. Granted yes I know that sort of thing is frowned upon either way. But whenever I would tell them the situation they would say that they would take care of the situation and say something to the other kids, but nothing would be done. They either wouldn't say anything or they would and it would continue and nothing else would be done about it. That whole sort of situation ended up carrying on throughout high school. Hence why I don't tolerate idiots very well anymore.

One issues that I know plenty of people have is not really liking the government or whatever. I'm not sure what really started it, but I know it's only really risen itself a few years ago. I've just grown to not trust people like that with a lot of power and money. Because they don't always tell the truth and they don't keep their promises. That's part of the reason why I don't vote. Though you always hear the thing of you should vote because you can change these things or whatever. I frankly don't believe that a lot of times. Because for one even if you vote for someone that you think would be good they could always turn around and do whatever they want anyways. Along with most of the people voting are complete idiots anyways and don't know what's right for them or what will be right. Hence why people still think Palin would be a good candidate.

This is one of my biggest issues at times and that's with managers at the jobs I've held. I know I didn't really recognize it till about halfway through my first job, but it was always there. Basically the whole thing of managers at jobs giving certain people special privileges, not going their job and slacking off because they feel they can and just having other people do the work. It was most evident while working at my past job at Petsmart. The managers were allowed to come in and leave whenever they wanted. I was basically doing a managers job because she didn't want to do it and not getting equal pay. That and I was fired just because of something a manager said and could not prove. Just because her status was higher then mine.

This last one I'm really not surprised of and most probably arn't surprised I'm mentioning something about it. And that would be the admins on FA. Yes you can argue the fact that I don't donate any money to the site so I shouldn't bitch about how things are run. But I really don't believe that myself. Whether or not I donate to the site should not dictate if it is run properly or not and if I should have a say in it. There are a few of the admins that I don't really have an issue with. The small problems that I've had they more or less solved them and replied to my trouble tickets fairly quickly. But most of them I don't believe should be allowed to have that sort of power. One recently I found out was suspended from admin status and I couldn't help but laugh about it. Because she shouldn't be an admin. Any of the recent issues I've had she's simply responded to my trouble tickets by saying I should if I have not block the person and leave it at that. Yet on every banned or many suspended pages they post that harassment is not tolerated on the site. Well apparently it is. They just choose when to care about it or not. They don't always care of something is happening if it can be simply covered up. Even if said person will continue doing what they've done.

I've also had the issue of trouble tickets staying unanswered for weeks or even months at a time and when I say something about it they half ass the issue or just ignore it completely. Many of you are aware of the issues I've had with Cyrsynik. I've posted at least two trouble tickets concerning what he's done on the site. The first one was posted on 8/26, Pinkuh of all people answered it, which instantly made me groan. She started giving me excuses that were stupid and I showed her so. After that she seemed like she was going to try working on the issue. But after her second reply the trouble ticket was ignored. So I waited a few weeks, closed it, opened a new one on 9/7 and waited some more. After that I sent a note to Dragoneer, even though I wasn't holding my breath, to see if he'll help with it. After getting a reply and sending him everything it was ignored as well. And the trouble ticket on the issue sits open still and unreplied to. And when some of the issues that were proven with Pinkuh were brought up with Dragoneer he got irritated because he didn't want to see the truth and decided to simply step away. Instead of taking responsibility for the admins that he appoints. I know a lot of people bitch about stupid and pointless things and do it all the time. That's one of the reasons there's so many issues on the site and I know how annoying it is to deal with it. But when something serious comes up and is ignored there's basically no excuse for it. Though I still say that they pick and choose who they actually help. And if they don't like someone on the site then they won't help them how they're supposed to.

One thing recently though that's rubbed me the wrong way is the fact that Sciggles can apparently get away with whatever she wants on the site because she's with Dragoneer. Granted some of the other admins are involved in this whole thing, but as usual I don't expect anything to be done about it. What I'm talking about is the whole "veggie dog" thing. Anyone with half a brain should be able to realize what it's about. Especially if they followed any of the Allan drama. Funny part is I remember Dragoneer specifically saying at one point that no one is to start anything with him no matter what. Because it'll just cause more issues and if anyone does they will be banned. Well apparently it doesn't matter of his girlfriend and some of his admins start something up. Because what the meme is about, if you don't know, is you draw a canine with headphones and a bandanna and name it after a vegetable. She even tried acting "cute" with me and tried to act like she doesn't know what I'm talking about and, "what's wrong with drawing a canine with headphones and a bandanna?" Yeah I'm not stupid I know what you're doing. But of course nothing can and will be done about it. Just about everyone that knows me knows I don't like Allan and I still think he's an idiot. Especially after that last stunt he pulled, but I just think this whole thing she started up is sad and pathetic. But again there's nothing you can really do about it or any of the other situations I've mentioned. As far as the trouble ticket I'm just going to leave it there and see how long it takes till someone decides to do something about it. Though more than likely they'll just look at it and close it due to it's date.